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Marie Crump

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Building on a well-rounded background of business strategy and execution, Marie Klok Crump has played instrumental leadership positions for companies in the process of productizing information management services into software solutions, formulating and forging strategic alliances with major software companies such as SAP, developing communications strategies and formal relations with analyst organizations and leading sales territories for software license sales in the consumer products and high-tech industry verticals. At DATUM, Marie provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper brand identity, strategic alliances, operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. Outside of the office, Marie enjoys competitive sailing and outdoor activities. Marie holds a Bachelor in Business Economy and Management from Aarhus School of Business and a Masters in Business Administration and International Management from the Copenhagen Business School, both in Denmark.
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Bloor Research Praises DATUM's Approach to Building the Digital Enterprise

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DATUM LLC was recently reviewed by Bloor Research, one of Europe's leading independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firms. Bloor provided a thorough analysis that tackles both the Information Value Management® platform and DATUM’s consultative approach, Bloor’s review clearly calls out DATUM’s business value approach to data as not only relevant, but as a critical success factor for large enterprises.

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How to Make Your Executives WANT Information Governance

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Of all the “soft” problems we see, making the organization want data governance is among the top three requests our customers have written between the lines of the RFP. Building a business case, business justification or roadmap may ignite the spark, but to make the organization really want it takes the whole package. Here are six simple things we find make the difference in transforming the dialogue for data, information and analytics into a desire for information governance.

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Data Governance: When Excel Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

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To anyone in the trenches associated with Data Governance and Enterprise Data Management, one thing is certain: it is a daunting task. Data should be put high on a pedestal – after all, it’s the core foundation that all business processes, applications and reporting tools execute against!

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A Clear Sign You Need a Chief Data Officer

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As an Information Management professional it can often be difficult explaining to friends, family or even just the random person at a cocktail party asking “what do you do for a living?” Personally, I have tried everything from a very simple explanation to the more in-depth version focusing on the business effects and relations that are impacted by data and information management.

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