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We exist for one simple reason. There is an extreme need in the enterprise to translate information management into relevant business terms. We are an information management solutions company providing data governance software (Information Value Management®) that translates business objectives into functional designs improving quality and speed to automation, and we have an advisory team who teach and support the enterprise in achieving their goals. We are committed to converting information management into a relevant set of practices and results that embed accountability with the business.

Our experts have refined the value-based processes of decomposing business metrics to the critical data fields, defining data-centric processes and developing the operating model for defining information value and accountability. By codifying these practices into our data governance software, Information Value Management®, we provide a repeatable framework of Data Standards, Governance Rules, Business Metrics and Business Processes that serve business outcomes in analytics, business intelligence, data governance, process improvement, performance management, ERP implementation and big data.

Yes we are different. We provide you the methods and the platform for independence, and our services team is committed to making you succeed across all areas of your program. Our approach scales to your organizational need.

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