Bloor Research Praises DATUM's Approach to Building the Digital Enterprise

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DATUM LLC was recently reviewed by Bloor Research, one of Europe's leading independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firms. Bloor provided a thorough analysis that tackles both the Information Value Management® platform and DATUM’s consultative approach, Bloor’s review clearly calls out DATUM’s business value approach to data as not only relevant, but as a critical success factor for large enterprises.

In this paper, Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor, was impressed by the Information Value Management® approach stating "this paper is less about the product and more about the approach promulgated by IVM, where governance starts by asking about the value of data and thence to questions about policies and business rules that should apply to that data."

This paper will be a helpful resource to enterprises that are looking for solutions to overcoming data complexity in their mission to succeed in the digital enterprise. You can access the full complimentary report here.

"If data is a strategic asset necessary to the success of digitalisation, then the argument put forward in this paper is that you need a strategic approach to its management and governance." - Philip Howard

Download the Bloor white paper