Congratulations to DATUM's Award Winners!

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DATUM's annual DATUM User Community (DUC) Meetup is in the books! We were impressed with all the peer-to-peer sharing facilitated by our customer influence council and we enjoyed showing our community the latest and greatest in the Information Value Management® (IVM) platform. But one of the most exciting elements were the enviable awards; The Information Value Management® Award & the Data Leadership Award.These awards are DATUM's recognition of the people and companies that are taking data governance to the highest levels of success. This year, we were honored to recognize three winners in our two categories.

Information Value Management® Champion

The IVM Champion award recognizes companies that have adopted DATUM's IVM platform for data stewardship and governance and driven its mainstream usage across their business. This award is our way of acknowledging the passion and hard work of a team of data professionals who have elevated their data governance program to deliver business value through Information Value Management® (IVM). This year, we are proud to announce two winners: Ashland Chemical and Valvoline.

Ashland initially used DATUM’s Information Value Management® (IVM) to support and accelerate the pilot of the Vendor domain. The success of this pilot drove an enterprise-wide program encompassing finance, material and customer domains. They were able to go through their existing business rules within all domains and easily load them into IVM with added business context. IVM helped Ashland build a solid governance foundation that focused on building business context for data and enabling executive clarity of sight into why data matters. Shortly after adopting the IVM platform, Ashland Chemical made the strategic decision to spin off Valvoline. Having a solid foundation of data governance helped ensure both companies could execute the successful split. This award recognizes the team members who now reside in both Ashland and Valvoline. 

Congratulations to Greg Hill of Ashland and Christin Grubaugh of Valvoline!

Ashland Chemical & Valvoline recieve DATUM's IVM Champion AwardThe Data Leadership Award

The Data Leadership Award recognizes the individual who has best represented the business in building data governance awareness and results. Criteria includes:

  • Building a trusted relationship through collaboration of data standards, governance rules, data processes and business metrics
  • Generating visibility and results in providing a voice for data
  • Integration of business data requirements into passive, active or procedural data governance projects
  • Implementation of business ownership and accountability for data governance policy and business outcomes. 

Congratulations to Mark YinglingDirector of Global Master Data Management at The Hershey Company! 

Mark first took on responsibility for data in late 2014 and early 2015. Throughout 2015, Mark learned Data Governance best and proven practices and socialized them throughout the organization to help identify opportunities. In 2016, Mark led the charge for launching data governance, prioritizing where to get started based on core business objectives & projects needed. This landed executive sponsorship on a specific project for a product transparency initiative.

Shortly after launching their initial project, Mark and his team were tapped by leadership to support a major digital transformation program. In support of the digital transformation program, Mark has led a culture change in the project to treat governance framework as an enabling function to project success. Mark has established a governance foundation for scale while masterfully taking on the role of ‘change agent’ for how business and IT teams perceive the criticality of data. 

dataleadershipaward.jpegCongratulations to our 2016 winners who are the embodiment of true data governance success!

We look forward to next year's DUC Meetup!

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