Data Governance in the North Pole: A Look Inside Santa’s Operation [Infographic]

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Just how big is Santa’s workshop? With a customer base that exceeds 1.9B children and 21.8M letters received each year, the size of his operation could dwarf many of the world’s largest corporations.

Fortunately his workshop doesn’t suffer from data governance issues. Check out this infographic to see how Santa keeps his operation running smoothly – and what could go wrong without a solid governance framework in place.

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Having a solid data governance framework helps ensure that all of the data an organization receives and processes – from an order being received, routed, manufactured, delivered, and recorded financially – is efficiently and effectively managed throughout the enterprise. It ensures customer order obligations are met, and helps inform strategic decisions going forward. 

Ready to learn more about building the case for a data governance model in your organization? Download our Getting Started Guide and begin to answer these questions:  

  • What is the primary driver for data governance?
  • What is the primary domain or process area?
  • What is the organizational alignment required to support it?
  • Who are the stakeholders and sponsors?

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