DATUM LLC Acquires Datum LLC

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2015_Datum_Group_04DATUM LLC the leading provider of Information Governance solutions announces the acquisition of Datum LLC a specialist firm based in Atlanta, GA with extensive knowledge and intellectual property supporting data migration and business transformation.

With the close of this acquisition, DATUM LLC will provide the industry’s most comprehensive business design methodology for reporting, interfaces, conversions, enhancements, forms and workflows, as well as a broad set of organizational and technical deployment options that are integrated, pervasive, continuous and open.

The increased emphasis on transformation to support big data and data synergy within large enterprises is being driven by evolving trends in mobility, cloud computing and increasing accountability for data governance within common business roles and responsibilities. More than the accountability for data alone, a major change in data trustworthiness is rapidly evolving as enterprise efficiency and decision-making is proven to be reliant on data authors, approvers and consumers within the business who have been excluded from the systems that store the data. A data governance operating model drives the design and transformation for data and analytics accountability through core value-based data and analytics initiatives.

“For large enterprises to succeed in driving value through acquisitions, innovation and business transformation, they must have a stable foundation of information accountability which can only be designed and delivered through the data governance operating model,” said Will Crump, President of DATUM LLC. “The Information Value Management® platform by DATUM LLC delivers unmatched line-of-site to resolving gaps in data trustworthiness and options for accelerating solutions to automate stewardship and analytical insight thereby providing a guided process for building the data governance operating model.”

Upon the close of the acquisition, Jim Heuvelman, Founder and Managing Member for Datum LLC, has been appointed the Director of Visualization and Integration within the Information Value Management® product team. “Believe me there have been plenty of jokes about the commonality of the names leading up to the conclusion of this deal especially at home where we are about to clothe our second newborn child in Datum logoed onesies,” says Jim. “But at the end of the day, there has been this incredible synergy to the people and the shared mission that easily makes the jokes fall to the side as we focus on getting to work pursuing our customers’ increasing need for discipline and excellence in data and analytics.”

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