Digital Transformation! And Coffee, Lots of Coffee

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This year’s SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference was, not surprisingly, a busy one. As expected there were lots of hot topics (along with lots of coffee) but digital transformation certainly topped the list.  

HOT Topic of the Show: Digital Transformation

While much of the conversation focused on specific aspects of digital transformation or assumed you had already started your journey, our own David Woods focused on how to get started, how to proactively prepare and set your organization up for success.  I won’t rehash the entire presentation here, but to quickly recap, it boils down to 5 simple steps you should take to get started now:

  1. Prioritize what data matters
  2. Start small with what you already have
  3. Establish a simple, scalable data governance operating model
  4. Leverage a suite of proven tools
  5. Measure readiness

Once you make the decision to go digital, you’ll set off a chain reaction that will ignite action within the organization and start driving value.  Don’t let the effort intimidate you!  While it’s not a “flip the switch” effort, it is feasible and something that you can achieve.  Check out our blog and Digital Transformation whitepaper to give you a more in-depth review of what was covered in the presentation.

But It Wasn’t All About Digital Transformation

While digital transformation was clearly hot, other topics were also making the rounds.  Two other topics worth noting included:

  • Enabling master data to drive value for the business
  • Connecting business KPIs to data governance

This is a good shift. It shows that organizations are looking at not only how they discover and understand the data available to them, but taking it to the next level and looking at how they connect that data to the most important business value drivers - operations, analytics and compliance - so they can clearly measure the impact data has on corporate initiatives.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch some of these presentations in person, it’s worth viewing BJ’s Wholesale Club and The Hershey Company sessions if you have access.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

We know the show was busy and not everyone could stop by the booth or even make it to Orlando, so give us a call.  We’re back, maybe not fully recovered, but we’re ready to help!


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