14 Shocking Digital Transformation & Digital Economy Statistics

Every day we hear about new digital innovations that are changing the world around us and are requiring companies to quickly transform into a digital enterprise. Often times these innovations and trends are difficult to quantify and put into perspective. Read these 14 statistics to gain insight into what the digital economy is becoming and why digital transformation is so important.

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Real-time analytics, big data, internet of things, cyber security, and in-memory computing have propelled our world further into the digital economy.  These statistics demonstrate how complex the digital economy is becoming and why we are driven to help simplify enterprises’ data challenges.

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14 Statistics about Digital Transformation and the Digital Economy: 

  • There are 31 Billion Internet Users Worldwide - Miniwatts Marketing Group, 2014

  • Only 10% of companies describe themselves as fully digital -The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2015

  • Most companies run 36 enterprise applications per billion $ in revenue -SAP Benchmarking 

  • 5 out of 6 large companies were targeted by cybercriminals in 2015
    - Symantec, 2015

  • The ability to support real-time transactions is the most popular capability executives hoped to improve through digital transformation - the Econoomist Intelligence Unit, 2015

  • 90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will have a major impact on their industry. Only 25% have plans in place. And less than 15% are funding and executing on the plan. - MIT Sloan and Capgemini, 2013

  • Only 21% of companies report that a chief data officer leads their transformation intiatives -The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2015

  • Establishing the right governance model for digital transformation is identified as one of the most common digital challenges. - The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2015

  • The user base for Under Armour's digital health platform, connected fitness is 150 million. - UnderArmour.com, 2016

  • Global SaaS revenues are forcasted to reach $106 Billion in 2016 - Forbes, 2015

  • The 200 biggest companies in the world lose over 10% of their annual profits because of complexity - over $237 Billion. - Global Simplicity Index, 2015

  • Projected spending on cloud computing infrastructure & platforms will grow at 30% CAGR (2013-2018) compared with 5% growth for overall enterprise IT - Goldman, 2015

  • Globally, cyber crime costs businesses $375-575 Billion - McAfee, 2014

  • The global industrial robot population is expected to double to 4 million by 2020 - HBR, 2015 

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