DATUM Recognized for Providing Outstanding Capability in Data Governance, Stewardship and Discovery

Today’s a great day!  We’re really excited to let you know that our Information Value Management® platform has been recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Stewardship and Discovery, Q2 2017 report.

What It Means to Be a Leader

I’m sure you’re thinking that sounds nice, but what does it mean to be a Leader? It means that when it comes to Data Governance, Stewardship and Discovery we are delivering both what customers are looking for now and what they’ll need in the future.  Now you’re probably wondering, how do we know what you’ll need in the future?  Magic!  Well…maybe not magic. While it’s fun to think we have mystical qualities, the truth is we work really closely with our customers (like Johnson & Johnson, BJs Wholesale Club, The Hershey Company) and cultivate close relationships with them.  We have boots on the ground working side-by-side with each of our customers which gives us real insight into the daily challenges and the reality of what they’re tackling.  Lastly we make sure that when it comes to the product, we’re co-innovating with them. 

As a result, we’ve developed strong product capabilities that our customers love, and these capabilities are cited in the report as some of our greatest strengths:

  • Ability to see the impact data has on business processes, goals and objectives (we link these things!).
  • Visibility for each user into the metrics and dashboards they need to do their jobs.
  • Access to enterprise-wide collaboration so all your subject matter experts are engaged in data governance.
  • Flexibility in your approach to solving the data governance challenge – we can accommodate top-down, bottom-up or even middle-out starting points.
  • Access to proprietary templates, frameworks, methodology and other assets that help you realize value quickly.

Download your free copy of the Forrester Wave report here

This is just a sample of what we can help you do.  In case you’re not familiar with our offering, our Information Value Management® platform helps you not only discover and understand the data available, but it also connects that data to the most important business value drivers - operations, analytics and compliance - so you can clearly measure the impact data has on corporate initiatives.

Interested in working with a company who considers YOU a partner in the process and cares about your success? Give us a call, we’d love to chat.

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