Is It Time for a New Approach to Data Governance?

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We say yes!

Data governance is about looking at the holistic picture of your data – not just one element of it.  If you’re focusing on just one piece, for instance metadata management or data discovery, you’re on the right path but you’re selling yourself short.  When you only tackle one aspect, you’re only seeing one piece of the overall data puzzle.  Which can be problematic and, well, not as illuminating as you’d hoped.

What if by shifting how you view data governance, you could empower your organization to discover the right data and make the right decisions faster?  Sounds good, huh?  I knew you’d be excited!

For those really wanting to drive decision integrity across your organization, you’re going to need to think bigger.  You’re going to want an approach that incorporates four distinct (but equally important) puzzle pieces:

  1. Metadata Management
  2. Data Governance
  3. Stewardship Management
  4. Data Discovery

These four puzzle pieces are important.  When you have all the right pieces, your data governance world opens up.  Rather than only having the ability to discover data or just minimally manage it, you can now:

  • Discover the data that matters
  • Understand the data
  • Connect that critical data to corporate goals and initiatives
  • Measure the impact that data has on the organization

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