Frightened and Frustrated When Searching for Data Assets?

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What image comes to mind when you think about finding the true source of data across multiple data sources within your organization?  More specifically, what image captures your struggle to find accurate and trusted data when there a several data repositories across the enterprise?  

The task sounds daunting, and a bit scary huh?  Well, with Halloween coming up, the image I see includes a series of dark tunnels complete with cob webs, monsters, secret chambers, bones and animal tracks.  Somewhere, hidden amongst all of that is the gem of data I want.  The one that shines true – the one I can trust for reporting, insights and decision making. 

How many scary chambers of data have you scavenged through?  How quickly did you find what you were looking for? What if a friend from another department braves the tunnels with you …. And after the zombies split you up, you both claim to find the gem in different chambers?  Now what? What value does each “gem” represent?

Let’s look at the same task if we had, maybe, a pair of special goggles that reveal what’s in each secret chamber before we dare to get close.  This enhanced view is like having a data catalog that is tied to business value.  It shows you the data assets so you can determine what data is most important and why.  It’s like looking at a two dimensional diagram of those haunted tunnels and chambers from above -- Not so scary now! 

So, if you want a path to trusted data assets, check out the Information Value Management® Catalog.

blog_search and asset composite2.jpgUsing Catalog you can search through vast amounts of data and easily identify available assets, where they are stored, as well as understand the business value they represent.

Experts in the organization can contribute their knowledge so when you review assets, you have additional metadata that supports your search.  This means you can determine which asset is more relevant than another based on business impact and measurable business value.

blog_relation diagram2.png

Interested in learning more about how Information Value Management can help you?  Let us know and we’ll give you a call!

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