The New DATUM Look: How We Stopped the Madness by Focusing on Customers

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You may have noticed that DATUM recently made a few small (read: BIG) adjustments to the brand and website experience. The reasoning behind the design and messaging decisions we made are complex and layered, but at the end of the day it all comes down to one simple statement: “I Want To”.

It’s no secret that the data governance industry is a complex one. There are several overlapping markets, an abundance of buzzwords and vendors that spew “marketecture” and even completely make up new words (why?!). This has led to a big mess. End-users and prospective customers are forced to navigate through the noise and hope they’ve made the best decision based on what they are trying to achieve. We no longer wanted to contribute to that noise and confusion. Our new homepage is a tangible representation of our simple, use-case based approach to data governance.

As you peruse our beautiful new homepage, you’ll see that we are centered in on what data actually means to our customers. Data is not a bunch of ones and zeroes, it is snapshots into our customer’s lives. That’s why we selected bold, beautiful photos of our customer’s products. It’s not about our platform, our capabilities or us – it’s about the business outcome that we enable for customers.

One of the main reasons we stand out is the fact that our data governance and stewardship platform visually represents the relationships that exist between business objectives & goals, processes and the data that feeds them. Inherently, this allows our customers to focus on the data that matters. We built upon this strength with the “I Want To” statements. From our 500+ collective years in this space, we know that companies don’t embark on a data governance journey just to say they did. They embark with an outcome in mind. They evaluate partners based on who they think can deliver that outcome. We’ve made it easy for our customers to understand how building the people, processes and technologies around data governance can deliver on their business goals.

Datum_use_casesThe statements are just the beginning; from here we will be building out a content library focused on each of the “I want to” statements (stay tuned!).


We are still imagining how this customer-centric message will be represented across every page of the website and across all of our thought leadership material, so stay tuned for more updates from DATUM’s marketing team! We’d love to hear from you, so let us know what you think of our progress so far in the comments

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