What Does AI Mean for the Future of Data Governance and Big Data?

This is part three of a three-part video series providing an easy introduction to artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.  

Part 3:  What Does AI Mean for the Future of Data Governance and Big Data?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) may be the next frontier in business strategy. As companies across the globe race to understand how to operationalize AI concepts, vendors from every corner of technology are reacting by building (or claiming to have built) these capabilities. But before artificial intelligence can move past the hype, it must be measured from a business value and ROI standpoint - and it must be trusted. This means it still requires data governance.

We conclude our three-part video series by covering the future of data governance and Big Data in an AI world. To succeed in an AI-driven world, you need to have the right data and be able to connect that data to organizational goals and objectives (in other words, be able to measure business value). Those who can achieve this will emerge as leaders. In this video we’ll cover the key points you need to know before getting started with AI, including:

  • What is the single most important factor for success?
  • What are the critical skills practitioners will need to develop? (Yes, humans are still part of the picture.)
  • How do you make AI scalable in the enterprise?

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