DATUM: A Value-Driven Approach to Building the Digital Enterprise

Bloor Research International

A Unique Approach for Digital Transformation

Focus on Governing the Data That Matters Most To Your Organization 

"This paper is less about the product and more about the approach, where governance starts by asking about the value of data thence to questions about policies and business rules that should appply to data.
Philip Howard, Research Director


Bloor Research, a leading IT research company, identifies the need for this unique methodology built into DATUM's information governance software platform.  This "value-driven" approach focuses on understanding the business value of data as the first fundamental step toward digital transformation.


  • Why understanding the business value of data is most fundamental to a successful digital transformation.
  • How to Prioritize and Identify What Data to Govern
  • How to Identify the Most Important Data 
  • An Overview of the DATUM Solution, Information Value ManagementĀ®


Source: "DATUM: A Business Value Approach to Data Governance" Bloor International Research Ltd.

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