Information Value Management®
for SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)

Whether you need help determining where to start or you’re ready to execute, DATUM can successfully drive your SAP MDG initiative into a win for the business.

Identify. Connect. Implement.

Build on the comprehensive capabilities of SAP MDG by discovering and understanding the data that drives digital processes. DATUM’s Information Value Management® platform helps companies achieve faster ROI and reduced risk during a SAP MDG implementation.

      Discover What       Data Matters

Capture actionable information from different experts, systems, regions, functional areas and formats.

   Link Data to    Business Drivers

See the dependencies and relationships between technical information, business information, security, roles and process.

Ensure MDG Requirements

Build scalable paths for data ownership and stewardship that are critical to MDG implementation, adoption and consumption.


in project rework

Improved employee productivity

in project timeline

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Case Study

Information Value Management for SAP MDG

Information Value Management

4 Ways to Ensure Success with SAP MDG

Johnson Controls International (JCI)

DATUM’s Information Value Management® platform helps companies pursuing SAP MDG specific initiatives achieve greater value through faster ROI and reduced risk during implementation.

DATUM’s Information Value Management® platform helps companies not only discover and understand the data available to them, but it also connects that data to the most important business value drivers.

Businesses look to SAP's MDG to consolidate master data and ensure its quality and consistency, but the software is only one piece of the puzzle.

Learn how JCI embarked on a journey to create an enterprise data governance program in parallel with decommissioning
multiple legacy ERP systems and moving to a single SAP ERP instance.


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