Leverage Data Governance to Drive Speed and Flexibility in New Product Introduction

Data Governance for NPI

Consumer Package Goods (CPG) companies need to quickly respond to changing consumer preferences and continuously introduce new products in order to stay competitive. Leading brands have adopted formalized product lifecycle management processes that are driven by timely and accurate data that enable smart decision-making at every step of the way.

This paper focuses on the product lifecycle management challenges created by the trend towards greater transparency in labeling and addresses how new technologies such as SmartLabel™ can help CPG companies turn these endeavors into a competitive advantage. We explore how effective data management and data governance can support the orchestration of activities required to impact key product lifecycle management metrics that drive speed and flexibility.

Table of Contents:

  • New Challenges for CPG Companies
  • The SmartLabel™ Opportunity
  • How Data Drives the Product Lifecycle
  • Mastering the CPG Product Data Problem
  • Using the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Process
  • Preparing for What's Next

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