Lines of Business

Data Governance for Supply Chain/Logistics

Supply Chain/Logistics

Deliver products to customers at the lowest cost and highest profit by maximizing the profitable operation of manufacturing and supply chain distribution.

Data Governance for Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Increase share-of-wallet by delivering a single view of the customer across all channels and markets. Enhance customer satisfaction and decrease time to market to attract and retain more customers.

Data Governance for Procurement


Enable strategic sourcing to reduce procurement spend and increase profitability. Implement a successful vendor scorecard process to identify, qualify, monitor, and reward your supplier base.

Data Governance for Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Identify and manage enterprise risk to make effective business decisions. Avoid reactive regulatory compliance by proactively monitoring, assessing, and reacting to changes.

Data Governance for Finance & Operations

Finance & Operations

Improve working capital by streamlining complex operational processes like customer to cash, purchase to pay, and order to cash. Achieve global visibility across regions and currencies to close the books faster.

Data Governance for Human Resources

Human Resources

Achieve global visibility into your resources, payroll, and benefits to inform better workforce decisions from hire to retire. Meet localized employment laws to attract and retain valuable resources.



Where We Deliver Value

Data Governance for Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Data Governance for Consumer Products
Consumer Products
Data Governance for Manufacturing
Data Governance for High Technology
High Technology
Data Governance for Healthcare
Data Governance for Automotive
Data Governance for Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Data Governance for Chemicals
Data Governance for Wholesale Distribution
Wholesale Distribution

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“Before Information Value Management, we were documenting our rules but no one paid attention. Now we can easily show business and tech folks the value. It’s given us the ability to share information and make it accessible throughout the organization. Now other domains are approaching us because they want to be a part of what we are achieving with DATUM.”