In the increasingly buzzword-laden bureaucracy that has enveloped the data governance industry, it’s easy to forget what data is and why it truly matters.

Data isn’t the cold digital representations of information often seen depicted in vector illustrations. It’s not about lines, and dots and complex streams of binary code dancing through space. Those are all attempts at visualizing data. Giving it form. Shape. Structure. But that’s not data at all.

Data is rich, colorful profiles of your employees and your customers. It’s nuanced insights into product lines and supply chains. It’s vivid snapshots of your financial realities and growth initiatives. In short, it’s a living, breathing reflection of an organization, and in the right hands, its potential is unparalleled.

We’re DATUM, and we help the world’s leading organizations identify, organize and use data to solve problems and create opportunities.

How? We make data governance and stewardship software that delivers visibility into the critical data that matters most to your organization so you can make the right decisions faster. It’s a pretty simple formula, and that is precisely why it works. Because data is information, and information pushes you forward.


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