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The Data Governance & Stewardship Platform

IVM® was named one of the most innovative data governance tools available by Forrester Inc. Find out why by downloading the solution brief. Information Value Management® is the only platform that codifies "why" govern data, "what" data you should govern and "how" it should be governed to reach new heights in agility and decision-making. IVM accomplishes this by pinpointing the business critical data and what capabilities are required to create the greatest positive information impact on your operations.

IVMDataSheet_lpContents Include:

  • Benefits
  • How IVM® Works
  • Feature Highlights
  • Specifications

Achieve Business Outcomes with Information Value Management®:

  • 20% improved data accuracy across enterprise functions, systems and processes
  • 30% reduction in time needed to launch data quality and governance workflow solutions
  • 40% improved employee productivity for individuals who provide, maintain or consume data
  • 50% time reduction in project rework cycles

Download the solution brief to learn why the world's most recognizable global brands choose Information Value Management® by DATUM


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