Metadata Management
is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

We have a unique approach to tackling data governance - and metadata management is just one aspect of it. We believe that in order to successfully drive decision integrity across your entire organization, you need to incorporate a much broader approach - one that includes metadata management, data governance, stewardship management as well as data discovery.

Information Value Management®

By incorporating these four distinct layers, you empower your organization to discover the right data and make the right decisions faster. How does this work? What does incorporating these four layers enable you to do?

  1. Discover the data that matters.
    What data do you have? Where is it? How much is there?

  2. Understand the data you have.
    How is it used? By whom? In what capacity?

  3. Connect that critical data to corporate goals and initiatives.
    What data is linked to corporate goals and initiatives? What other goals and initiatives is it tied to?

  4. Measure the impact to the organization. 
    How effective are your processes? What's the risk? What value is the data providing?

We bring something different to the data journey,
join us for the ride!

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Analyst Report



Analyst Report

Forrester Wave for DGSD

Getting Started with Data Governance

Information Value Management®

A Business Value Approach to Digital Transformation

Learn why DATUM was named a Leader in the Q2 2017 Forrester Wave for Data Governance, Stewardship and Discovery.
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DATUM’s Information Value Management® platform helps companies not only discover and understand the data available to them, but connects that data to the most important business drivers.
In this report from Bloor Research, they identify the need for a new approach to data governance, focusing on understanding the business value of data as the first fundamental step towards digital transformation.





Cooking the Perfect Data Cake

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Understanding data is like understanding how to make a good cake. It's not just about the multiple layers associated with the process; it's about blending the right ingredients to make the right cake.
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