3 Ways to Create a Data-Driven Digital Enterprise Culture

"Executives and marketers alike often throw around terms like “data-driven” and “company culture” — just not in the same sentence. 

But today, the behaviors reinforced by a company’s culture aren’t consistently followed when it comes to employees’ use and management of data, and that poses a major challenge for leaders.As a leader, you must figure out how to drive the company culture into your data and information practices. For instance, information privacy, quality, completeness, and support should align with your business model and ability to serve your customers so that the digital half of how the enterprise “sees” a customer is managed with the same care as the physical half.

Weaving culture into data behavior might seem daunting, but it ultimately leads to a more effective, modern enterprise. Take these steps toward a culture that actively promotes excellent data practices."

- Will Crump, President & CEO

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