DATUM Advances Customer Ability to Drive Business Value with Discovery and Data Asset Catalog Enhancements

 DATUM, the leading provider of data governance and stewardship software, today announced the release of enhanced Discovery and Data Asset Catalog capabilities within the Information Value Management® platform These enhancements extend the customer's ability to not only discover and understand the data available to them, but also connect that data to their most important business value drivers and clearly measure the impact data has on corporate initiatives.

"Organizations certainly have access to plenty of data. But what they don't have is an easy way to differentiate the good from the bad, and connect that good data to critical business goals," said DATUM's VP of Product Management Cameron Ogden. "Our latest Information Value Management release arms customers with the ability to more efficiently find and explore their data assets, understand what their data assets mean, and ultimately connect those assets to business outcomes."  

About the Release

The enhanced Discovery & Data Asset Catalog capabilities make it easier for all users at an organization to find data, access that data and gain insights from multiple data sources, and connect that data to business value.   Highlights from the release include:

  • More Efficiently Find and Sort Data. Further expand on how you can categorize and add business metadata to assets.
  • Pinpoint Go-To Assets. "Favorite" highly used and valuable assets or "pin" assets to specific projects/business initiatives.
  • Execute Smart Data Discovery. Quickly and accurately discover needed data sources using simple, integrated enterprise-class search.
  • Understand Data Relationships. Visualize data assets with glossary terms and business critical data.
  • See What Relationships Exist Between Data Assets. See the relationships between assets for further clarity on data hierarchies.
  • Increase Confidence in Asset Usage. Signify that an asset is trusted and for what purpose the asset should be trusted for.
  • Connect Data Across the Organization. Create full traceability for every data element in order to provide a complete audit trail.

"As the only data governance catalog that can connect directly to business impact and outcomes, we're excited about how much more our customers will be able to achieve," said DATUM's CEO Will Crump. "This release is a game-changer for our customers and the industry."


This release is generally available.


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