DATUM Elevates Customers' Ability to Drive Business Value with Information Value Management® Enhancements

DATUM, the leading provider of data governance solutions, today announced the upcoming release of enhanced Discovery and Catalog capabilities within the Information Value Management® platform

These enhancements will extend the customer's ability to not only discover and understand the data available to them, but also connect that data to their most important business value drivers - operations, analytics and compliance – and clearly measure the impact data has on corporate ini­tiatives..

"Data governance and IT professionals are buried under an avalanche of data and have no easy way to differentiate the good from the bad, or connect the good data to critical business goals," said DATUM's CTO Manish Sharma. "DATUM's upcoming Information Value Management release will offer a new perspective on the data journey, enabling customers to see the entire data lifecycle and arm them with the ability to discover, understand, connect and measure their data all from within a single platform."


About the Release

This release builds on existing discovery and catalog capabilities, making it even easier to find data, access that data and gain insights from multiple data sources - all without creating overly complicated processes. Customers will benefit from the ability to:

  • Execute Smart Data Discovery. Quickly and accurately discover needed data sources using simple, integrated enterprise-class search.
  • Conduct Intelligent Metadata Extraction. Extract metadata in a contextually relevant manner while aligning the metadata to business definitions and goals.
  • Connect Data Across the Organization. Lineage capabilities create full traceability for every data source element transformation in order to provide a complete audit trail.
  • Maintain Visibility. Keep a full change log for all metadata changes to provide historical reference. 
  • Perform Analysis. Expertly perform impact analysis by manipulating base data assets to identify any possible risks associated with changes.
  • Explore Data from Multiple Sources. Effectively manage metadata ingestion and translation from several data sources and data types to resolve ambiguity and inconsistencies in your data.
  • Build Insights. Discover what data you have, where it is and how much you have.

"DATUM is committed to driving innovative solutions for our customers," said DATUM's CEO Will Crump. "Historically data governance professionals have struggled with the limitations of existing tool sets when it comes to conducting data discovery and connecting that data to critical business objectives. Our customers stated loud and clear that a shift was needed and we answered that call. We're excited about this release and feel that it's a game-changer for our customers and the industry."


This release will be available in early Q3 2017.

View the official press release here.

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