DATUM Recognized in Independent Report on use of Machine Learning Data Catalogs to Help Build Data Confidence and Trust

DATUM, a leading provider of data governance and stewardship software, has been recognized by Forrester Research as a point solution that offers high functionality within a big data fabric in a new Forrester Report called “Now Tech: Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q1 2018.”* 

According to Forrester, “a new class of data governance and metadata management solutions – machine learning data catalogs (MLDCs) – has emerged to maintain data’s context fidelity and keep it embedded in data systems for fast, adaptive data activation.” This new class has emerged as a response to inefficient data activation traditionally supported by data governance team’s approach of “manually cataloging data-at-rest in glossaries kept physically separate from the data.”

Forrester defines this new class as a machine-learning-powered metadata catalog and policy processing engine that profiles, defines and maintains semantic, logical, and physical models and traits of data within a data fabric for activation within systems of insights.  Today organizations can use MLDCs to interpret and optimize the use of disparate data sources, reconcile policies across data use, and democratize data to the edge of business.

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence is the basis for creating business value from data at a competitive rate.” says Manish Sharma, Chief Technology Officer at DATUM.  “We are excited to be recognized as a point solution.  Our Discovery & Data Asset Catalog capabilities make it easier for all users at an organization to find data, access that data and gain insights into data assets and connect data assets to business value.  It helps build data confidence and trust within your organization while increasing data effectiveness to achieve business strategy.”

DATUM is named in the Forrester report as a point solution that offers high functionality within a big data fabric, a category for which Forrester notes “They are best-of-breed for working with data and policies across various data consumption patterns” and further “robust capabilities allow data scientists and analysts to find, collaborate on, and contribute data, policies, and sources.”

“What we have learned from our customers is not as much what they need a tool to do but what solution they need in order to achieve their business outcomes”, said President & CEO, Will Crump. “The business opportunities for machine learning and artificial intelligence is nearly limitless, but it can be very difficult to make the leap without a true governance model and a clear idea of how machine learning will drive certain business outcomes. The DATUM Information Value Management data governance and catalog solution has been built on our practical experiences, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the most successful organizations you will find, and I am proud of what I believe is a best-of-breed recognition as a result.”

The product capabilities recognized as a point solution by Forrester in this report are available in the Information Value Management® platform. DATUM was also named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Stewardship and Discovery Providers, Q2 2017, receiving the highest score in the Stewardship Management criterion.

*Now Tech: Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q1 2018, Forrester Research Inc., March 27, 2018.

The report is available on Forrester's website.

Read the press release here.

Download the Data Governance & Data Stewardship Forrester Report

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