DATUM Recognized for Third Consecutive Year in Gartner Market Guide for Information Stewardship Applications

DATUM, a leading provider of data governance and stewardship software, today announced they have again been positioned by Gartner, Inc. as a Representative Vendor in the Market Guide for Information Stewardship Applications for its Information Value Management® platform.   

Companies focused on achieving data value through metadata management, data governance and information stewardship choose the DATUM solution for its ease of use and industry leading time to value.

The Market Guide identifies solutions that best suit the needs of business users acting in the role of information steward. DATUM meets 8 out of 9 information stewardship application capabilities listed by Gartner in the Market Guide.

According to the Gartner Market Guide “The key point is that no organization governs information simply because it can; there has to be a business context, and the increasing realization of this context explains the rise of information stewardship applications.” 1

The report states that “A key differentiator between modern information stewardship applications and the IT-centric tools they evolved from is the provision of a user interface targeted at the business user role of information steward.” Furthermore, the report notes that, “The recent complexity that is emerging — associated with such things as increased interest in data lakes, and now IoT analytics — is extending the need for operational policy enforcement in analytical use cases.” 2

"We are excited to be recognized as a Representative Vendor for this growing market," said DATUM CEO Will Crump. "We have always been firm believers that information stewardship and data governance should be addressed from a business use case lens. Our unique approach to data governance incorporates not only metadata management, but also discovery, data governance and stewardship management in a comprehensive offering driven by this belief. It is rewarding to see the market respond."

According to Gartner, “it is fast becoming clear that, as stewardship gets established, programs focused on data and analytics governance and stewardship are in fact initiatives focused on business process integrity and outcome improvement. They are much less about data for data’s sake or data at a point in time”. 3

DATUM’s Information Value Management platform helps companies not only discover and understand the data available to them, but it also connects that data to the most important business value drivers – operations, analytics and compliance – so you can clearly measure the impact data has on your corporate initiatives.  With Information Value Management you get:

  • A platform that is purpose-built to discover, understand, connect and measure data value for your organization.
  • Access to a business-first methodology that is focused on governing the business rules, processes and metrics that are most critical to the business.
  • A content-rich Accelerator library, with essential resources designed explicitly to accelerate execution.
  • The ability to connect metrics and KPIs to the data that drives value and trust.

Read more about our approach to information stewardship and how it's a crucial aspect of data governance at http://www.datumstrategy.com/data-governance-software-platform.

Read the full press release here.

1, 2, 3 Market Guide for Information Stewardship Applications by Guido De Simoni, Andrew White, Ankush Jain, Alan Dayley May 22, 2018.


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