DATUM Announces Major Product Release Providing the Industry’s First Partner Content Hub

DATUM, a Leader in Data Governance software, announces the general availability of the Content Hub, a major platform update offering enhanced partner ecosystem automation and integration capabilities.

The Content Hub is the industry’s first metadata exchange for partner-curated Intellectual Property and use cases for metadata management and data governance, providing partners the capability to visualize and share their own standards-based best practices and frameworks in an exclusive storefront experience.

Customers are hungry for proof points and acceleration to serve the many use cases for trusted data.  With Content Hub DATUM partners can now tailor their unique IP with a shopping experience that provides customers the confidence and trust of a fast and proven return on investment. Customers striving to achieve measurable ROI from data governance are eager to see their service providers demonstrate their knowledge and capability in the form of content and proofs-of-concepts that reduce the risk of implementation. DATUM’s ecosystem of partners has built valuable intellectual property on the Information Value Management® platform, and now partners can make their own gold-copy content available to customers in the same way DATUM content is provided. The Content Hub dramatically reduces the time and effort from both the customers and the partners in delivering a POC or operationalizing a data governance program.

“The Content Hub makes the experience of data governance and metadata management less theoretical and more experiential for our partners and customers by allowing partners to build specific Data Governance frameworks for their industries, their customers, their personas, and their use cases, and most importantly, they become portable,” says DATUM President & CEO, Will Crump.

DATUM began its partner program in earnest two years ago, and has quickly demonstrated the commitment, success and innovation to become embedded within the data management methodologies of the top data and analytics practices in North America.  This release builds on that success, providing the automated bridges that allow partner content and all relationships for metadata to transport from the partner curated libraries to the customer for immediate use. The release also includes enhancements to metadata ingestion and enhanced API support for metadata bridges within the technology ecosystem.

“The modern enterprise expects a platform that comes prepopulated with best practices content relevant to their industry, their use cases and their personas.  They expect that it will easily integrate with their existing system landscape, and have the ability to discover, ingest, and seamlessly communicate with other data sources. This provides a tailored experience for all users regardless of where they are in the Data Governance journey,” says Cameron Ogden, DATUM VP Product Management.

Read the full press release here.

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