Data Solutions Across the Digital Spectrum

No matter where your organization is on its Digital Transformation Journey, DATUM is uniquely positioned to help your team:

  • Deliver greater analytical Insights
  • Simplify reporting and compliance
  • Improve operational excellence

Reporting & Compliance

  • Minimize the cost of compliance
  • Standardize reporting requirements
  • Determine master data requirements

Analytics & Insights

  • Unlock the power of disparate data
  • Deliver global enterprise visibility
  • Support big data analytics initiatives

Operational Excellence

  • Drive business process improvement
  • Improve data accuracy enterprise-wide
  • Optimize M&A data requirements

Data Governance for Global Enterprises

“Before Information Value Management®, we were documenting our rules but no one paid attention. Now we can easily show business and tech folks the value. It’s given us the ability to share information and make it accessible throughout the organization. Now other domains are approaching us because they want to be a part of what we are achieving with IVM.”

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